Hear Black Sheep Wall's Crushing New "Degenerate Anthem" "Human Shaped Hole" | Revolver

Hear Black Sheep Wall's Crushing New "Degenerate Anthem" "Human Shaped Hole"

Sludgecore crew return with first album in five years 'Songs for the Enamel Queen'

With a decade of dynamic, experimental sludgecore behind them — as well as wild shows with like-minded riff warriors such as Converge and High on Fire — L.A.-area noise-makers Black Sheep Wall are set to return with their first album in five year, Songs for the Enamel Queen. Due out February 26th on Silent Pendulum Records (you can pre-order it now), the diverse LP veers between post-metal dirges, Slint-style spoken word, a trumpet-led waltz and more. Today (February 16th), Revolver has teamed with Black Sheep Wall to premiere standout cut "Human Shaped Hole," a particularly misanthropic screed that arrives paired with a striking performance video.

"Human Shaped Hole was the first song we wrote for our new album," the band's Brandon Gillichbauer tells us. "We wanted to set the tone right away — this was not going to be your standard Black Sheep Wall album. The song title is a reference to a Junji Ito story that I feel shares a lot of thematic similarities with the track and entire record. This song is my 'degenerate anthem.' It's as much of a 'Fuck you' as it is a 'Fuck me.'"