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Hear Boson's Hulking New Sludge Track "Shadowlands"

Minneapolis band unleashes sun-baked riffs, sneering hooks on latest from debut 'Domain of Ember'
Boson 2017 Press Photo

A proper introduction to Boson necessitates a brief detour into the wacky, wonderful, existentially terrifying world of quantum mechanics. The Minneapolis sludge band are so named for one of two subatomic particles that make up the universe; less a "thing" than a "force," it fuels any and all interactions between matter. To put it in layman's terms, bosons make shit happen: big bangs, black holes, and in the case of the aforementioned group, brazen stoner-rock rippers.

Which brings us to "Shadowlands," a hyper-kinetic new track off the band's forthcoming debut Domain of Ember, which, much like the boson itself, is all about universal action. It finds the band pitting hulking, sun-baked riffs against sneering melodic hooks à la Queens of the Stone Age, with a soft, eerie bridge thrown in for good measure. Listen below, and pre-order Domain of Ember here ahead of its November 9th arrival via Anxious & Angry.