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Hear Bring Me the Horizon Join Tom Morello on New Song "Let's Get This Party Started"

Rage Against the Machine guitarist and metalcore innovators make a kickass team

Last month, Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello announced his upcoming solo album, The Atlas Underground Fire. The track list boasts a dozen guests from all over the musical map — from Bruce Springsteen to dubstep producer Protohype — but the collaboration we were most excited to hear was Morello's tag-team with U.K. metalcore innovators Bring Me the Horizon

That song is called "Let's Get This Party Started," and today (September 22nd) it's made its way into the world, and we're happy to report that it kicks total ass. Although it's technically being released on Morello's album, the song sounds more like the "Bulls on Parade" axeman coming into BMTH's world than the other way around. 

It's got bouncy riffs galore and features all three of Oli Sykes' signature vocal deliveries — anthemic clean belting, harsh yelps and moody soft croons. It pretty much sounds like a heavier Bring Me the Horizon track fused with Morello's bluesy guitar riffs. It's great.

What's more, its incredibly entertaining music video is just a supercut of people going apeshit at rock shows. Mosh pits, crowd surfers, stage-divers, people puking on stage and much more. Watch and listen above via YouTube.

"Bring Me The Horizon is really the current standard bearer of hard rock/metal today, and thank God for them for that," Morello said in a statement. "I had a couple of huge riffs and we just started mashing it up with Zakk Cervini, who has worked with them before."

He continued, "This song was written on three continents – Oli [Sykes] was in Brazil, Jordan [Fish] was in England and then I was here in L.A. It was a real United Nations of metal coming together to produce this song, which really feels to me like it captures the angst and the frustration of the pandemic boiling over into an all-time mosh pit."

"This song also has one of my favorite guitar solos that I've played in quite a while," he added, "as I was really digging deep to make a solo as devastating as the track."

Morello's new album The Atlas Underground Fire is out October 15th via Mom + Pop Music, and pre-orders are available here