Hear Bring Me the Horizon Team With Grimes on Dark New Dance Song "Nihilist Blues" | Revolver

Hear Bring Me the Horizon Team With Grimes on Dark New Dance Song "Nihilist Blues"

Collaboration with art-pop singer finds U.K. band exploring rave-ready sounds

Bring Me the Horizon's Amo lands tomorrow, January 25th, and the band has decided to drop arguably their most anticipated song off the record, "Nihilist Blues" featuring Grimes. While some of the other songs on the record have taken a decidedly pop turn, the musicians have gone full-tilt electronic on the new single, with huge synthesizers and sound effects. One interesting thing they do on the song is in modulating their vocals, in the beginning it's hard to tell whether Jordan Fish or Oli Sykes is singing because of the effect over their voices, and it may be a combination of the two, before Oli makes a grand entrance on the chorus. Grimes haunts the song, whispering at times and eventually coming in full force. It's a five minute odyssey filled with peaks and valleys, showing even another new side of the band.

Recently, Oli Sykes spoke to Apple's Beats 1 radio show about the Grimes collaboration, saying "I'd seen her in an interview that she did a year or two before that, saying like, 'Oh, I like English bands like Bring Me the Horizon.' She got my number off manager after hearing it, text me and she went, 'I am doing this song. I love it so much.' And she was like so overwhelmingly positive about the song. She was like, 'This is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard in my life. I'm definitely doing it.' And she was just so cool about it. She wasn't at all like the cool kid that she would just like ... She'd got all the influences because the song's quite out there in terms of what it sounds like compared to a Bring Me song."

Others aren't quite as into the new track, Jamey Jasta tweeted out the song earlier in the day, saying. "Whoa this sounds like Shakira!" and following it up with "You never go full Shakira."