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Hear Brutus' Band-Defining New Song "What Have We Done"

Belgian post-hardcore stars offer final single off upcoming 'Unison Life' LP

Acclaimed Belgian post-hardcore trio Brutus — led by powerhouse vocalist-drummer Stefanie Mannaerts — are gearing up for the October 21st release of their third album, Unison Life, via Sargent House. Ahead of the big date, they've offered up four singles, "Dust," "Liar," "Victoria" and "What Have We Done," the last of which dropped today (October 5th) along with a thrilling live music video shot at Belgian festivals Rock Herk and Lokerse Feesten festivals in the Summer of 2022. Watch and listen above.

"For some reason, this new piece of music felt like both a turning point and an intersection," Mannaerts commented. "In our history of being a band, this feeling came only a few times before, with the songs 'Bearclaws,' 'Justice de Julia II' and 'War.' Key songs such as these are challenging, but also feel like coming home at the same time. They define who you are as a band. The song embodies what was going on at the time of writing, in the middle of the pandemic. It is about suffering for too long and you have had enough. The verse echoes the mutual feeling we sometimes have as humans with too much going on in our heads and getting stuck in the same loop."