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Hear Canadian Hardcore Crew Wild Side's Ripping, Groove-Laden Debut Album in Full

'Who the Hell Is Wild Side?' is a rough-and-tumble ride that nods to the past while pushing into the future
wild-side-angela-owens-web.jpg, Angela Owens
photograph by Angela Owens

First it was Mark Twain, followed by Nas who both proclaimed that no idea is original, it's how you spin ideas into your own expression that counts. Wild Side is a Canadian hardcore band, and while they are far from biters of a singular style or approach, their music feels familiar in the best of ways: 90s-style hardcore that tips its hat to classic Warzone without ever dipping into overly metallic riffs or spinning into a parody of 100 bands that existed in that moment. Vocalist Brandon MacFarlane grips the mic with a vaguely rap delivery, while the band unleashes a flurry of heavy, catch riffs ... punctuated by insane dive bombs and exciting bursts of lead guitar.

Wild Side's debut LP Who the Hell Is Wild Side? may have its moments of warm and fuzzy familiarity, but it still feels of — and in — the moment: fun and ripping in its own unique way. Surely hardcore can be brutal at its best, but Who the Hell is Wild Side? succeeds for almost the opposite reason: making the listener smile at the killer riffs and harder edges.

Listen to Who the Hell is Wild Side? now ahead of its May 7th release, order your copy via Triple B Records (current home to Candy, Ghostemane, Ekulu and many more) and catch Wild Side on tour (see dates below).

May 25 // Toronto, ON - Velvet Underground (Record Release)
with Fury and Diztort:
June 12 // Buffalo, NY - Sugar City
June 13 // Cleveland, OH - Symposium
June 14 // Detroit, MI - Sanctuary
June 15 // Chicago, IL - Chitown Futbol
June 16 // Pittsburgh, PA - Preserving HC
June 17 // Philadelphia, PA - PhillyMOCA
June 18 // New York City, NY - Saint Vitus
July 12 // Los Angeles, CA - Sound & Fury - Belasco Theatre