Hear Candy's Insane New Electro-Hardcore Banger "Transcend to Wet" | Revolver

Hear Candy's Insane New Electro-Hardcore Banger "Transcend to Wet"

Northeast hardcore heavyweights unleash abrasive single from upcoming 'Heaven is Here' LP

The Northeast hardcore band, Candy, became a quick favorite at Revolver HQ on the strength of their 2018 LP, Good to Feel. It was one of the heaviest and most ferocious hardcore LP's of its era, but also featured at least one bleary-eyed shoegaze track that leaned into their love for 90s Britpop bands like the Stone Roses. The following year, they signed to Relapse Records and dropped a towering two-song seven-inch and then basically disappeared — until earlier this month, when they abruptly announced their sophomore LP, Heaven is Here

The album is out next month via Relapse, and if its stomping lead single "Human Condition Above Human Opinion" didn't move you, then its utterly bonkers follow-up, "Transcend to Wet," certainly will. Imbued with pulsating electronic drums and a fire hose blast of abrasive noise, the song blends their ripping, Japanese-influenced hardcore sound with the chaoitc electro-punk of a band like Machine Girl — and with the unrelenting sonic power of a duo like the Body. 

It's fucking insane, and you can listen to it above via YouTube. Heaven is Here is out June 24th via Relapse Records and available for pre-order here