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Hear Carcass Go Stoner Metal on Gnarly "Dance of Ixtab"

Latest heater from goregrind legends' new album 'Torn Arteries'

Revolver has teamed with Carcass for an exclusive white vinyl variant of their new album, Torn Arteries. It's limited to 500 — get yours before they're gone!

Carcass are here to brighten our Fridays with a song about the Mayan goddess of suicide by hanging. Rejoice! The gods of goregrind are gearing up  to release their new album Torn Arteries next month, and after sharing a ferocious new song back in June called "Kelly's Meat Emporium," now they're back with another called "Dance of Ixtab (Psychopomp & Circumstance March No. 1)."

The song is rife with the type of grisly subject matter that Carcass have been reliably doling out for decades, but the instrumentation offers a pleasantly fresh perspective. The lead riff has an old-school stoner-metal melody to it, which is combined with the band's gnarly death metal swing for an interesting blend of filth and fuzziness. 

It still sounds like Carcass, but it shows that the band aren't just running on auto-pilot for Torn Arteries — which is the best we could've asked forTake a listen above via YouTube. 

Torn Arteries is out September 17th via Nuclear Blast, and we have a Revolver-exclusive white vinyl edition limited to 500 worldwide. Grab your copy via our shop before they sell out!

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