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Hear Cave In's Sludgy New Song "New Reality"

'Heavy Pendulum' lead single arrives with fun performance video

Cave In's last album, 2019's Final Transmission, was a bittersweet affair, as it was their first without foundational bassist-vocalist Caleb Scofield, who passed away a year earlier. Many fans wondered if there'd ever be another Cave In record after it, but last summer, the band announced their signing to Relapse Records and promised a new LP in 2022. Now, we've gotten our first taste of the group's follow-up transmission, titled Heavy Pendulum — in the form of lead single "New Reality." It arrives along with a fun music video lovingly mocking gearheads far and wide. Watch and listen above.

Over the years, Cave In have explored many sounds — from metalcore to space rock and beyond — and "New Reality" leans into the quartet's sludgier inclinations, driven by a locomotive riff and frontman Stephen Brodsky's sonorous croon. In addition to Brodsky, Cave In's current lineup includes guitarist-vocalist Adam McGrath, drummer John-Robert Conners and the band's newest member, bassist-vocalist Nate Newton, also of Converge, Doomriders and Old Man Gloom.

"Cave In's been around for over 25 years now, and the time has come for an album that scales all of our creative peaks," Brodsky commented. "Talk about a wild and weird ride! And here we are with Heavy Pendulum — it certainly feels like a remarkable event, given the erratic trajectory of our band. 'New Reality' was always the lead-off track — that was pretty obvious during the writing process. New lineup, new label, new album ... a new reality, indeed, and it all adds up to a new lease on life for Cave In."

Heavy Pendulum is due out May 20th.