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Hear Cave In Members Go Power Pop on Nomad Stones' Ripping New Song

Boston trio's "Behind the Trigger" is a catchy, punk-influenced "barn burner"

Boston's Nomad Stones is the brainchild of Cave In vocalist-guitarist Adam McGrath and drummer John Robert Conners. Despite the musician's obviously heavy resume (which also includes Zozobra, Wear Your Wounds, Doomriders, etc.), the power trio — rounded out by bassist Charlie Coffou —  indulge their punky, power-pop leanings on their latest single "Behind the Trigger," which hits for the first time at Revolver today (June 10th). 

"Behind the Trigger was one of the first tunes written for the new record about two years ago," recalls McGrath. "We thought that our new record needed to be full of 'barn burners' and that this song fit the criteria. Lyrically it's about responsibility and self awareness in getting yourself through the ups and downs of life."

Towering guitar tones aside, the track, which appears on their forthcoming album Unriddled, could be confused for a Dookie-era Green Day song with its straight-ahead songwriting, catchiness and speedy, punk-influenced riffs. There's a beauty in simplicity, and Nomad Stones have nailed it with their latest single. 

Look for the Unriddled LP on Brutal Panda on July 12th. Order yours here.