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Hear Celldweller and Joe Ford Channel Linkin Park on New Song "Breaking Point"

Electronic-rock artist and drum-and-bass producer team for nu-metal–esque single

Like a surprising number of electronic-music artists, U.K. drum-and-bass producer Joe Ford comes from a rock and metal background, and he says he "always wanted to merge electronic and rock/metal elements together." That dream came to reality with the new single "Breaking Point," a cross-Atlantic collaborative track with U.S. electronic-rock artist Celldweller, whom Ford has been following since he was a kid. British vocalist Robin Adams sings on the cut, which nods to the earnest, angst-ridden melodies and programming-assisted riffage of early 2000s nu-metal.

Ford calls the track "my most ambitious yet," while Celldweller mastermind Klayton says he was "really excited to hear what the colliding of our two musical worlds would sound like." "I became a fan of Joe Ford within seconds of hearing Colours in Sound for the first time," he recalls. "He has a very unique style and his sound design is incredible. When discussion of a collab began, I was immediately on board."

For his part, Adams — a close friend of Ford's — explains of "Breaking Point," "The lyrics simply are about when you catch negative thoughts running through your head, and a decision is presented whether to speak up against the person or thing that's caused them or to bury them instead. It's dealing with that build up of negativity, where you can reach a point that enough is enough and you 'break,' so to speak."

"Breaking Point" is available now through Celldweller's owned/operated independent record label FiXT. Check it out, along with its visualizer, above.