Hear City Morgue Team With DREGG on Nu-Metal Banger "Context" | Revolver

Hear City Morgue Team With DREGG on Nu-Metal Banger "Context"

NYC trap-metal duo drop latest heavy collab

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Ever since their appearance on the cover of Revolver's Spring 2022 issue, NYC trap-metal duo City Morgue have been going harder and heavier than ever. In March, they dropped a collab with one-man progressive metalcore act ONI, "War Ender," co-produced by Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton. Today (April 28th), they've followed it up with the full-on nu-metal rager "Context," a joint effort with Australian upstarts DREGG. Blast it above via the single's surreal animated music video.

"In a world where information spreads faster than a virus it's incredibly easy to manipulate truth," DREGG commented in a joint statement. "This new phenomena of instantaneous, widespread shared knowledge has opened the flood gate for those who do not seek objective truth and has allowed them to muddy the waters and alter what is and what isn't. This affects the entire globe from news programs pushing their own political agendas right down to the blue collar worker losing their job for saying the wrong thing. While we must hold those around us responsible for their wrong doings, we shouldn't pass our full judgment until we've been presented context."