Hear clip of POPPY's insanely heavy cover of KITTIE's "Spit" | Revolver

Hear clip of POPPY's insanely heavy cover of KITTIE's "Spit"

Post-genre artist prepping makeover of 1999 nu-metal rager
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Poppy is teasing a new song that not only sounds heavy as fuck, but appears to be a raging cover of Kittie's "Spit," the vicious title track from the nu-metal trailblazers' iconic 1999 nu-metal debut.

Last week, the genre-bending Poppy posted a cryptic teaser video of a funky bass line that sounded like new music, but we couldn't be sure. The caption of that post was "Spit," and today (April 25th), she's posted an additional video with the same caption that features roughly 20 seconds of new music that rekindles the scream-filled metal of her 2020 album I Disagree.

From this teaser video, it sounds like Poppy is screaming along to the opening lines of Kittie's "Spit," so it sounds like the renegade artist is getting ready to roll out a proper reinvention on May 3rd (the date in her caption). 

Check out the clip below via Instagram and get psyched.