Hear clip of SLAUGHTER TO PREVAIL's crushing new song "Conflict" | Revolver

Hear clip of SLAUGHTER TO PREVAIL's crushing new song "Conflict"

Deathcore destroyers ready new single
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Slaughter to Prevail
photograph by Steve Thrasher

Slaughter to Prevail have a new song on the way, and it sounds like it's going to be heavy as fuck.

The Florida-via-Russia deathcore firebrands have been talking up their impending follow-up to 2021 Kostolom for a while now, and this past summer they dropped its ferocious lead single "Viking."

Today (December 7th), vocalist Alex Terrible teased on Instagram that his band are preparing to drop a new single called "Conflict," and he posted a clip of it that sounds utterly devastating. 

The preview features the buildup to one of their signature, face-mauling breakdowns, and when that shit hits it makes us feel like, we too, could wrestle a 600-pound bear. 

Terrible said "Conflict" is coming "soon," and you can listen to the clip below via YouTube. 

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