Hear Clutch's Swaggering New Song "Slaughter Beach" | Revolver

Hear Clutch's Swaggering New Song "Slaughter Beach"

Rollicking single arrives with fantastical music video

Speaking of Clutch's new album, drummer Jean-Paul Gaster said last spring that it would likely have a unique feel due to the pandemic circumstances in which it was largely written. And indeed, the upcoming Sunrise on Slaughter Beach, one of Revolver's most anticipated LPs of fall 2022, does boast some Clutch firsts: vibraphone, theremin and female backup vocals.

New single and de facto title track "Slaughter Beach," however, is tried-and-true Clutch in fine, familiar form, all blues-rock swagger and vivid, gonzo lyrics. The song arrived today (August 16th) along with a phantasmagorical music video directed by David Brodsky and full of crustacean people and sci-fi technology, plus a kickass band performance. Watch and listen above.

"The lyrics for Slaughter Beach were inspired by a late-night walk along the southern Delaware Bay," singer Neil Fallon commented. "Odd things happen there."

Sunrise on Slaughter Beach is due out September 16th Via Weathermaker Music.