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Hear CODE ORANGE's 2 insanely crushing new songs

Pittsburgh metallic hardcore band are bringing back the heavy

Code Orange are back. And not just back in the sense that they're putting out new music again, but back in that their two new songs, "Grooming My Replacement" and "The Game," are totally bludgeoning in a way that reinvigorates the sound of their fan-favorite 2017 album, Forever.

The pair of new singles were teased earlier this week in a bizarre, 14-minute fake snuff video, and hearing the songs in full confirms our suspicions — that they totally fucking rule. Brooding, chuggy, uncompromisingly angry and packed with brick-crumbling riffs, both of them are a far cry from the sleazy (yet fun, in its own way) industrial-metal sound of such recent singles as 2021's "Out for Blood" and 2022's WWE theme "Shatter."

No word yet on whether these two cuts will be part of a new album. In the meantime, blast them above and below via YouTube.