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Hear Cognizance's New Tech-Death Ripper Featuring Job for a Cowboy Singer

Ex-Aborted guitarist Mendel Bij De Leij also guests on crushing single "Strychnine Shift"

After seven years, four EPs and three singles, U.K. tech-death crew Cognizance are finally gearing up to drop their debut full-length, titled Malignant Dominion, due September 6th via Prosthetic Records. Ahead of the big release, the band has teamed with Revolver to offer up the first taste of the LP, the punishing, labyrinthine single "Strychnine Shift," which boasts guest vocals by Job for a Cowboy's Jonny Davy and a guest solo by former Aborted guitarist Mendel Bij De Leij. Check out the song and its high-contrast performance video, directed by Simon Reithofer, above.

"'Strychnine Shift' is one of the more intense tracks from Malignant Dominion," guitarist Alex Baillie says of the song. "This piece is a solid representation of the different elements that establish our sound for this record. We are all pretty pumped on the Iowa-style vibe combined with the rapid-fire vocals that kick off the song. A huge shout out to Jonny Davy and Mendel Bij De Leij for being a part of this single."

Davy and Bij De Leij are hardly the only outside collaborators on Malignant Dominion: Derek Rydquist (The Faceless), Ole Børud (Extol), Jason Suecof (Crotchduster) and Ian Jekelis (Aborted) also appear. Check out the record's cover art, by Jef Whitehead, and full track listing below; you can pre-order the album here now.


Malignant Dominion track listing: 
1. Nocturnal Emission
2. A Lesson Through Sickness
3. The Organic Citadel
4. Malignant Domain
5. Strychnine Shift
6. Ether of the Void
7. Unforeseen Consequences
8. An Existential Battle