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Hear Coheed and Cambria's Explosive New Song "Shoulders"

Catchy banger marks prog-rock vets' first new single since 2018

Last year, Coheed and Cambria battled the pandemic doldrums by writing and releasing an out-of-left-field sequel to Rick Springfield's 1981 pop hit, "Jessie's Girl." Claudio Sanchez and Co. aptly titled it "Jessie's Girl 2" and it legitimately ruled, but now the sci-fi prog outfit are back to business as usual.

Today (July 21st), the band have released their first original single since their 2018 album Vaxis – Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures, and it's a total banger called "Shoulders" that as explosive and catchy as anything they've ever released. 

However, for as triumphant and ebullient as the song is on a musical level, its relatively meta and introspective lyrics touch on the frustrations of being an outsider in social and art circles. The genre-blending band have never fit snugly into any scene or cadre of similar-sounding acts, but "Shoulders" is proof that they're better off going their own way. There's genuinely no one else who sounds quite like Coheed and Cambria. 

"In art, in your career, in relationship," Sanchez commented on the feelings that informed "Shoulders." "No matter how much you give of yourself or try, you have to accept that not everything in life can be a perfect fit."

Regardless of his legitimate and very universal struggles with isolation, the song slaps. Listen above via YouTube. 

There's still no official word on the follow-up to Vaxis, but many fans are speculating that the second entry in a five-part series of concept albums will be getting its follow-up in the not-too-distant future. Keep an eye out, and try to make sense of "Shoulders'" bizarre single artwork below. 

Coheed and Cambria "Shoulders" artwork