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Hear Coheed and Cambria's Soaring New Song "Rise, Naianasha (Cut the Cord)"

Latest taste from prog-rock virtuosos' yet-to-be-announced album

It's time for more new Coheed and Cambria. Following their July single "Shoulders," which marked their first piece of new material since 2018, the prog-rock virtuosos have unveiled a new track called "Rise, Naianasha (Cut the Cord)."

Like the explosive "Shoulders," this new one rests on the upbeat and triumphant side of the band's sound, with a super catchy chorus that's buttressed by athletic drum fills and the type of heroic guitarwork that fans have come to expect from vocalist-axeman Claudio Sanchez. Take a listen above via YouTube.

There's still no new details about the album that "Rise, Naianasha (Cut the Cord)" will appear on, but Sanchez recently spoke with Grammy.com about the record's heady lyrical themes and insinuated that the music will have a slightly different vibe than previous releases.

"Musically, it's a little different, just because of the circumstances we were all presented with over the past couple of years," Sanchez told Grammy. "I just approached it in a way where I tried to keep all limitations out. The ones that live in your subconscious as a creator: 'Oh, we can't do this certain thing because we're known for doing that.' I tried to embrace every avenue of what came. I didn't throw things away because I felt they didn't necessarily fit."

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