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Hear Confines Channel Nitzer Ebb, Early Ministry on Industrial Banger "Concrete Club"

Solo project of Primitive Weapons singer and Saint Vitus co-owner David Castillo
confines castillo PRESS 2021, A.F. Cortés
photograph by A.F. Cortés

David Castillo has best known as the vocalist of NYC hardcore band Primitive Weapons and a co-owner and booker of Brooklyn metal stronghold Saint Vitus Bar. But as much as he loves guitar-based heavy music, he's also a lifelong rivethead who grew up on dark electronic bands like Depeche Mode, Nitzer Ebb, Skinny Puppy and early Ministry. Those influences and more loom large when it comes his solo project Confines, which debuted in 2019 with the EP Geography of Nowhere 1 as well as a Full of Hell remix. Up next is a new EP, the five-track Work Up the Blood. Today (November 9th), Revolver has teamed with Castillo to premiere the standout cut "Concrete Club," a seething industrial-techno bad trip driven by a propulsive beat and metal-inflected vocals. Stream it below.

"Concrete Club" was written in isolation from the only home I ever knew in my adult life, New York City," Castillo tells us. "The fear-mongering around the uprisings, COVID, the supposed "anarchy" state of the city, etc. inspired the samples from the Seventies 'Fear City' campaign and the lyrics. The music is written to convey that ominous vibe while longing for NYC nights where I've often solace from the chaos of the world."

Work Up the Blood is due out December 3rd via Synthicide and available for pre-order now.


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