Hear Converge's Anguished New Ripper "A Single Tear" | Revolver

Hear Converge's Anguished New Ripper "A Single Tear"

Boston metalcore greats' new 'The Dusk in Us' single arrives with frenetic, heartfelt video

Converge are set to release their new album, The Dusk in Us, later this week via Epitaph/Deathwish. So far, we've heard three songs off their follow-up to 2012's All We Love We Leave Behind: "Reptilian," "I Can Tell You About Pain" and "Under Duress." Today, they've unleashed yet another emotional ripper off the forthcoming LP, "A Single Tear." According to frontman Jacob Bannon, the turbulent track is all about the kids. "A Single Tear' is about becoming a parent," he explained, "and the perspective and strength it can give."

Its accompanying music video, directed by Max Moore, further underscores these themes by way of egg-themed imagery, surrealistic love scenes and intimate family portraits. (Viewers with photosensitive epilepsy should exercise caution before viewing, as the clip contains an abundance of flashing lights and lightning-fast cuts.) Check out "A Single Tear" now, and pre-order The Dusk in Us here.