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Hear Corey Taylor and Ghost's Black Album Covers Off 'Metallica Blacklist' Comp

Slipknot singer takes "Holier Than Thou" and occult-rockers do "Enter Sandman"

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The day has finally come: Metallica's gigundo "Black Album" 30th anniversary box set and accompanying covers album are officially out in the world. The thrash titans have been teasing these releases for months by dribbling out bits and pieces each week, and now fans can hear all 53 songs from the star-studded Metallica Blacklist compilation — including Corey Taylor's rendition of "Holier Than Thou" and Ghost's version of "Enter Sandman." 

The record features major artists from all over the musical map — from pop stars like Miley Cyrus and country artists like Chris Stapleton, to rappers, folk acts, alt-rock groups and everything in between — putting their own unique spins on the iconic songs from Metallica's 1991 smash album.

Much to the chagrin of headbangers around the world, the band teased the record with many of the distinctly non-metal cuts, thereby making us wait until now to hear two of the album's most anticipated tracks. Fortunately, both of them deliver. 

Taylor's take on "Holier Than Thou" stays pretty faithful to the original composition, but hearing it sung through the lips of the Slipknot frontman gives it its own special flair. Ghost, on the other hand, decided to do something different. 

The occult-rock group's version of "Enter Sandman" begins with tender pianos that sound like a Pink Floyd ballad, when suddenly the rock instrumentation comes blasting in and the band turn one of metal's most famous groove tracks into a robust '70s rocker replete with choir-like harmonies. It's a fun one. 

Hear Taylor's cover above and Ghost's below via YouTube.