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Hear Corey Taylor-Approved Rapper Kid Bookie's New Hard-Hitting Banger

D.C.'s Kamiyada+ features on bass-heavy "Say It With Your Chest"
kid bookie kamiyada
Kid Bookie and Kamiyada, 2020

Last year, U.K. rapper Kid Bookie made headlines when he enlisted Slipknot's Corey Taylor on a "revamped, heavier" version of "Stuck in My Ways," a song that originally appeared on the hip-hop artist's 2018 release Shake Up. Today (May 19th), Bookie has teamed with Revolver to unleash a new metal-inflected banger, "Say It With Your Chest," which features D.C. rapper Kamiyada+, and its gritty, classic-horror-infused music video. Blast it below.

Bookie comments, "There is nothing more I love than shredding my voice box over angry instrumentals, guitars or even a cappella to nobody, but thankfully I was accompanied by a disgusting Zeph Ellis production and the 21st century angst of my brother Kamiyada+. The mood of 2020 is rage. This is rage. I hope you enjoy."

Like Bookie, Kamiyada+ pulls influence from heavy rock music as much as he does hip-hop, citing Nirvana, Slipknot and Tool as core inspirations alongside Earl Sweatshirt, MF DOOM and Bones. "A lot of my music is personally influenced heavily by horrorcore, punk rock and heavy-metal music," he has said. "The tone of the music varies from really serious film score–type tracks that have really dark lyrics accompanied by ambient instrumentals, to hard-hitting heavy metal-patterned production topped off by hardcore vocals, screams and more."

As for his U.K. counterpart, "Say It With Your Chest" marks just the latest of many new tracks that Kid Bookie has in the pipeline — including some more big-name rock collaborations. The rapper is set to drop records with Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson, plus work with Good Charlotte's Billy Martin. Stay tuned.