Hear Corey Taylor Guest on Dead Deads' Creepy "Murder Ballad II" | Revolver

Hear Corey Taylor Guest on Dead Deads' Creepy "Murder Ballad II"

Slipknot singer says of band: "Some of the best songwriting I’ve heard in years"

Corey Taylor has co-signed an up-and-coming band called the Dead Deads with a new guest feature. After initially meeting the Nashville band when they opened for a few Stone Sour shows back in 2018, the Slipknot singer loved their sound so much that he co-wrote a song with them called "Murder Ballad II," which they've now shared in advance of their forthcoming album.

The tune begins as a dark country duet between Taylor and Dead Deads vocalist Leticia Wolf, but it eventually picks up with chugging hard-rock riffs and an explosive chorus. Its music video also features Taylor, adorned with creepy black X's over his eyes while he croons in a shadowy bog. Check it out above via YouTube.

"I got turned on to [the Dead Deads] by their album For Your Obliteration, which is such a great album and is some of the best songwriting I've heard in years," Taylor said of the collaboration. "We had the chance to have them on some Stone Sour shows, and me and [Wolf] hit it off as songwriters. She said, 'I've got this idea for a follow-up to 'Murder Ballad,' which was essentially 'Murder Ballad II.' Through video, we went back and forth, building this song and working it out. It became something really, really cool."

The Dead Deads' new album Tell Your Girls It's Alright is due out August 20th on Rumble Records.