Hear Counterparts' Raging New Song "Bound to the Burn" | Revolver

Hear Counterparts' Raging New Song "Bound to the Burn"

Canuck metalcore vets offer up latest taste of upcoming album

Revolver has teamed with Counterparts for an exclusive vinyl variant of their new album, A Eulogy for Those Still Here. Only 400 made — order yours now!

Next month, Counterparts will release their seventh album, A Eulogy for Those Still Here, the Canuck metalcore veterans' first opus in three years. So far, we've heard a bunch of great singles that hone in on the band's specific breed of heavy, emotionally devastating melodic metalcore, and today they're back with another taste in the form of a new song called "Bound to the Burn." 

If you like Counterparts, you'll find plenty to love about this rager. Listen above via YouTube. 

"'Bound To The Burn' is about my personal frustrations that come with playing music for a living," Brendan Murphy said of the track. "I'm sure it goes without saying, but I do love being a part of Counterparts, though sometimes it can feel like Counterparts/I are easily replaceable in the world of heavy music. This song is a metaphor for how I've let the pressure of churning out new music and constantly being on the road 'kill' me in a sense.

"But here I am, still 'bound to the burn' because when I do consider the other options I have for a career, I end up drawing a blank and I can't think of anything else I'd rather do. I want to be here, but I don't... I'm learning to balance the two."

A Eulogy for Those Still Here is due on October 7th via Pure Noise, and Revolver has an exclusive "blood red" vinyl variant up for pre-order, limited to 400 copies. Snag yours before they're gone!