Hear Creature's Politically-Charged New Metalcore Banger "Lines" | Revolver

Hear Creature's Politically-Charged New Metalcore Banger "Lines"

U.K. band channel Converge and Botch on crushing single from new EP

Creature are a U.K. trio who play a form of spastic, frenzied metalcore that recalls turn-of-the-century game-changers like Converge, Every Time I Die, Botch and ealry Norma Jean. A couple years back, we covered a ripping song they dropped called "Witch's Grip," and today we're proud to premiere their latest banger, "Lines," which is taken from their forthcoming EP out next month. 

The verses are ferocious as hell, with hurricane-like drumming and riffs that pummel and bash like arms in a fist fight. It's heavy as shit, but there's a sturdy, husky melody that pierces through during the hook — instantly memorable, but still urgent and scraggly, not at all sugar-coated.  All of the energy is in service to its potent lyrical theme.

"'Lines' depicts the reality of a global system that is set up like a chess game for the powerful," says vocalist-guitarist James Thompson. "It was inspired by the UK's involvement in Syria in the West's proxy war with Russia — which seems even more poignant with what's going on in the Ukraine war. 

"In Syria, warfare led to significant human cost and a new generation of refugees. Who benefits? Institutions who have vested interests — be it governments, oil conglomerates or mining companies. It is the people of Syria who lose, treated like 'lice' as I reference in the song. When finance and resources are seen as king, the human suffering will only continue."

Listen above while you watch its gripping video. Their new EP, Haunt, is out June 10th via Grey Ghost Records and is available for pre-order here