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Hear Crypt Sermon's Channel Black Sabbath, Candlemass on Epic New Song

"'The Ruins of the Fading Light' is our mission statement: 'We're Doomed'"

Formed in 2013, Philadelphia's Crypt Sermon released their debut LP, Out of the Garden, two years later to tons of acclaim by putting a fresh spin on what, at the time, felt a very played-out doom-metal scene. While tons of bands seem to be treading in the sludgy footsteps of Eyehategod and Khanate, the five-piece followed a path less traveled by adopting a more timeless, classic approach — one that reached back to the work of Sabbath, Pagan Altar, Candlemass and others. The originality and incredible songwriting stuck out immediately, and Crypt Sermon became an underground favorite.

"The Ruins of the Fading Light" is Crypt Sermon's latest offering and the title track to their forthcoming new LP, due September 13th via Dark Descent. Starting off with a serene acoustic section led by pan flute, the track kicks off soon after with the monolithic sound of an organ and onto the meat of the verse with a classic doom riff and vocalist Brooks Wilson's fascinating vocals. "The ruins of fading light can be understood as both an endpoint on our shared journey and an inevitable state of being," he explains of the single. "The song is our mission statement: 'We're Doomed.' But it is in this hopelessness that we reject the promises of a great reward, and take our corporeal existence into our own hands.  We will mold our future to our own reward. The only human institution to reject change is the cemetery."

Stream the song for the first time below, and turn it up loud.

Crypt Sermon tour dates:
SEP 6 - PhilaMOCA Philadelphia with Eternal Champion
OCT 4 - Saint Vitus Brooklyn, NY with Visigoth, Magic Circle, Sanhedrin