Hear CULT LEADER make their bleak return on new song "Learn to Love It" | Revolver

Hear CULT LEADER make their bleak return on new song "Learn to Love It"

"The world is fucking dead"

Two years after Cult Leader delivered their split EP with END, the Salt Lake hardcore quartet are closing a chapter on those sessions by unveiling a devastating leftover called "Learn to Love It."

Masterfully bleak and raged-out as ever, the track is a downward shame spiral of crust riffage, d-beats and Anthony Lucero's forever fatalistic howling.

As someone who's often contemplated his "Christian scars," the singer naturally roils bitterly on "the absence of god's love," before describing the earthly smell of burning bodies, a nearby sea of boiling tears, and a deity's complacency. We're thinking there's some sarcasm to that song title.

"We're glad to finally let it see the light of day," the group said in a joint statement. "It presents the idea of growing comfortable while being stripped of hope."

The video, directed by Lucero himself, is a stark, high contrast blur of upside down crosses, eight-legged menaces, and someone modeling a monstrously threatening Bowie knife. You can check out the clip up above.

While "Learn to Love It" is the first release from Cult Leader in a couple of years, the band have yet to announce a full-length follow-up to 2018's A Patient Man.