Hear Cult Leader's Claustrophobic, Utterly Terrifying New Song "I Am Healed" | Revolver

Hear Cult Leader's Claustrophobic, Utterly Terrifying New Song "I Am Healed"

Salt Lake City chaotic hardcore act drop head-spinning lead single off forthcoming 'A Patient Man' LP

Across five years, two EPs and one full-length, SLC-based crew Cult Leader have established themselves as one of the leading forces of chaotic, grinding metallic hardcore. Their new track "I Am Healed" underlines that status, as it comes roaring out of the gate from moment one, turning on a dime from silence to a technical drum fill based around a d-beat. From there things just get more insane, incorporating blasts and guttural vocals to create an assault of hate and pure adrenaline, only to take a left turn into a slower part from the Isis playbook and then an off-time section to drive you even more batty. It's one of those songs that once you figure out the groove to headbang along to (and you will), the song has already changed twice — in only the best, most furious of ways. 

"I Am Healed" is the lead single off the band's forthcoming sophomore LP, A Patient Man, due on November 9th — you can pre-order your copy from Deathwish). The group revealed the album's cover art across nine segments yesterday via Instagram; check out the full track list below.

Cult Leader - A Patient Man track listing:
1. I Am Healed
2. Curse of Satisfaction
3. Isolation in the Land of Milk and Honey
4. To: Achlys
5. A World of Joy
6. Craft of Mourning
7. Share My Pain
8. Aurum Reclusa
9. A Patient Man
10. The Broken Right Hand of God