Hear DÅÅTH's first new song in 12 years "No Rest, No End" | Revolver

Hear DÅÅTH's first new song in 12 years "No Rest, No End"

Progressive death-metal veterans return

13 years after their last album, 2010's self-titled offering, Dååth have returned, newly signed to Metal Blade and brandishing a head-spinning comeback single, the symphonic shredfest "No Rest, No End." Blast it above.

Dååth is currently comprised of guitarist Eyal Levi and vocalist Sean Zatorsky joined by new members drummer Krimh (Septicflesh, ex-Decapitated) and orchestrator Jesse Zuretti (Binary Code). "No Rest, No End" features guest solos by Rafael Trujillo (Obsidious, ex-Obscura) and Spiro Dussias, as well as session bass by Dave Marvuglio.

"'No Rest, No End' is the reason Dååth is back," Levi commented. "When the writing began, I was looking for proof that we still had it. The last thing I want to do is put out music that sounds like a bad cover of our back catalog. When this song came together, it was clear that we needed to see this through.

"'No Rest No End' is the pinnacle of everything I've wanted to do with this band and features our full lineup firing on all cylinders: crushing riffs, orchestrated to the max, an infectious chorus, insane solos, my favorite metal drummer, baroque insanity, signature clean guitars, and an incredible mix. It's the most ambitious song we've ever written or recorded and we're just getting started. Enjoy!"

Zatorsky added: "The first time I heard 'No Rest No End' in demo form, I was blown away! I immediately knew exactly what I wanted to do vocally. The words practically flew off the page. During every step of the creation process, the song was an obvious masterpiece. It's meant to be heard, and it's meant to be played loud!"