Hear Damn Your Eyes Channel Testament on New Thrasher "Lock and Load" | Revolver

Hear Damn Your Eyes Channel Testament on New Thrasher "Lock and Load"

NYC crew deliver breakdowns, gang vocals and thought-provoking lyrics

Formed in 2015, Damn Your Eyes are a New York City band made up of scene veterans — including former Cro-Mags guitarist Gabriel "Gabby" Abularach — who specialize in bruising, no-bullshit heavy metal. With an EP and a 2019 full-length, Kill the Outside, to their name, the quintet have teamed with Revolver today (November 2nd) to premiere their second single of 2020, "Lock and Load," which follows up September's "Heavy Is the Head." Blast it above.

"This is an old-school, Bay Area–type thrasher," guitarist-vocalist Artie Alexander tell us. "We dove into our roots and incorporated the type of guitar work, breakdowns and gang vocals that made us metalheads! 'Lock And Load' showcases the growth of this band and the path we are headed on. We make no apologies for honoring the music and thought-provoking lyrics that made us."

Thematically, the song takes on the discord and division that seem so endemic to our times. "'Lock and Load' is a story of two sides, from each perspective, that focus on the differences and not the common ground, which often times leads to conflict and, unfortunately, war," Damn Your Eyes explain in a joint statement. "The band took this and put it to a slamming, thrashy musical soundtrack. DYE has no political champion and condemns violence. Politicians have turned cultural differences into political issues — a very dangerous road that makes people choose sides. The band loves all life and cultures for their unique perspectives and hopes for peaceful solutions to conflicts that extremists on both sides have taken to the streets."