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Hear Danzig Sing Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff" in Misfits Mashup

A weirdly kickass horror-punk take on the nu-metal anthem

Have you ever wondered what Limp Bizkits "Break Stuff" would sound like if Glenn Danzig covered it? Well, this one mysterious YouTuber did, and the result weirdly kicks ass. 

Uploaded last week under the name Limp Mizfit, an anonymous musician from "Lodi, Florida," posted a strikingly accurate rendering of the Misfits frontman doing a horror-punk take on the notorious nu-metal anthem. Titled "All Hell Breaks Stuff" (a portmanteau of "Break Stuff" and the Misfits gem, "All Hell Breaks Loose") and packaged with a simple edit of Fred Durst's iconic red Yankees cap on the Fiend's head, the song pretty much sounds exactly like if Danzig was having "one of those days." 

There's no information about who banged out the cover or where the inspiration came from, but it does an effective job at speaking for itself. Take a listen above via YouTube while you imagine the real Danzig sporting a backwards snapback while bouncing around the Woodstock '99 stage. It's a glorious image.