Hear DARE's Ripping New Song "Violation of Trust" | Revolver

Hear DARE's Ripping New Song "Violation of Trust"

O.C. hardcore upstarts keep things bouncy on latest single

Revolver has DARE's new LP, Against All Odds, available for pre-order in limited-edition "transparent yellow" vinyl — grab yours now!

DARE are one of the most exciting young hardcore bands in the game right now. The O.C. group caught the ear of OG's like Terror's Scott Vogel after their excellent 2018 EP and 2019's equally-great Welcome to the OC 7-inch, and now they're set to release their long-awaited full-length debut, Against All Odds, this Friday on the venerable Revelation Records.

DARE already dropped two stellar singles from the album, the straight-edge anthem "Different Method" and the tough-as-nails "Hard to Cope," which featured Vogel himself on the mic. Now, as one final taste of the record to come, DARE have unveiled another hot single called "Violation of Trust." 

Like the previous two cuts, the song strikes the perfect balance between the fizzy urgency of West Coast hardcore and the feral mosh of Nineties NYHC. The energy never dips, but the band aren't beating you over the head either, giving the listener just enough room to breathe before the next riff, mic-grab part or breakdown arrives. Listen above via YouTube. 

Against All Odds is due out this Friday and is available for pre-orders now including in a "transparent yellow" vinyl variant up on the Revolver shop. It's limited to 350 worldwide, so order yours while you can! 

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