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Hear Darkwave Duo Strvngers' Lascivious Nine Inch Nails "Closer" Cover

Track appears on Canadian EBM synth duo's forthcoming 'Exhumed Vol 2' EP

Trent Reznor created a twisted, horny (and shockingly mainstream-success) masterpiece with Nine Inch Nails' iconic 1994 track "Closer." Now with a youthful, updated take on the The Downward Spiral classic, Canadian synth duo Strvngers have put an downright pornographic spin on the song, complete with over-the-top lascivious moans and a vulgar opening monologue from a feminine voice that taunts, "Pure ecstasy: it's like that drug that you need, that fix that you are always searching for, constantly craving. It's me."

The added bits echo are the result of guitarist/composer KC's experience with the song: "I would listen to 'Closer' and always hear phantom sounds that weren't there so when we decided to cover it, I was thrilled to be able to put my own little twists and turns on it with that Strvngers flavor. For me, NIN has been one of the larger influences in my life musically and to be able to debut a NIN cover done by us is a dream come true for me personally."

This is listeners' second taste of what's to come on upcoming EP Exhumed Vol 2, a release that will showcase the group's proclivity for putting an EBM and horror-tinged synth spin on the sex-obsessed classics of their youth, as they did with their recent cover of Korn's "A.D.I.D.A.S." Stream "Closer" above and discover what other perversions Strvngers have up their sleeve when the Exhumed Vol 2 is available to download for free later this week on October 13th. 

Learn more about Strvngers in their new doc People Are Strvnge, which you can watch below: