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Hear Dave Grohl's Ripping New Metal EP as Dream Widow

The "lost album" from 'Studio 666' band Dream Widow
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Earlier this year, Dave Grohl took us all by surprise when he released a genuinely ripping death-thrash song called "March of the Insane," taken from the soundtrack of the Foo Fighters' new horror-comedy, Studio 666. Even more shocking, Grohl announced last month that he was making an entire metal project that he would drop to coincide with the film's release in February, and today (March 25th), that EP, titled Dream Widow, has finally arrived. 

Released under the name Dream Widow, the story behind the EP is that it's the "lost album" from the band who haunt the ghastly studio that Grohl and his Foo Fighters bandmates decamp to in order to make their 10th LP. Early on in the film, Grohl dusts off an old demo in the basement and soon learns that whoever properly plays and records the unfinished music unleashes the spirit of Dream Widow into the creepy old house and becomes possessed. Dream Widow contains songs that the band weren't able to release after their lead singer slaughtered the whole band and then killed himself, but now the whole world gets to hear it. 

Grohl previously said that "March of the Insane" embodied one of several metallic styles he was tinkering with on this project, tapping Trouble, Kyuss, Corrosion of Conformity and more as inspirations. He wasn't wrong, as some songs on here have a more blistering quality while others are steeped in low-and-slow doom mastery. Listen below via YouTube and peep the cover art and tracklist. 

Dream Widow cover art

Dream Widow track listing: 
"March of the Insane"
"The Sweet Abyss"
"Angel With Severed Wings"
"Come All Ye Unfaithful"
"Lacrimus dei Ebrius"