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Hear Dave Mustaine Sing on John 5's Shreddy New Song "Que Pasa"

Rob Zombie guitarist taps Megadeth mastermind for latest solo single

John 5 has a new solo album on the way. The guitar virtuoso who currently plays in Rob Zombie's band will release his 11th studio LP, Sinner, on October 29th, marking his first new release since 2019's Invasion.

Today (September 17th), 5 has shared the album's lead single, "Que Pasa," which features a vocal appearance from Megadeth mastermind Dave Mustaine. The bulk of the song is an instrumental hard-rock track that highlights 5's signature sweeping shreds.

However, Mustaine's raspy voice comes in during the song's hook, which was originally a vocal sample that 5 enlisted the Holy Wars songwriter to rework and sing himself. In that sense, Mustaine functions less like a vocalist and more like a hype man on this track, repeating the phrase, "Que pasa people, que pasa," with a playful huff. 

Watch the video above while you listen. 

"When people hear this record, I want them to say, 'Oh, that's John 5,'" the guitarist commented. "What you get with Sinner is the best of me. I just want to write memorable riffs that people will enjoy. When I sit on my couch and play my guitar, I play the same things you hear on the instrumental records. It's honest. It's real. It's not a facade. This is how I play. This is what I love to do."

He continued, "I have such an appreciation for Dave, and I love his voice, guitar playing and songwriting. And he kills it on 'Que Pasa.' It was such a joy to have him on this track."

Sinner is out in full on October 29th via Big Machine Records and pre-orders are available here. Peep the artwork and track listing below. 

John 5 Sinner artwork

Sinner track listing:
"Welcome To The Island"
"For I Have Sinned"
"Euphoria (feat. Carla Harvey)"
"Que Pasa (feat. Dave Mustaine)"
"How High The Moon"
"Land Of The Misfit Toys"
"Crazy Little Thing Called Love"
"This Is How I Do It"
"Georgia On My Mind (feat. Peter Criss)"