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Hear Deafheaven Singer Get Weird on Alto Arc's New Song "Bordello"

George Clarke side project features Isamaya Ffrench, producer Danny L. Harle, Hundred Waters' Trayer Tryon

Last year, Deafheaven frontman George Clarke threw fans for a loop by swapping his piercing screams for dreamy cleans on the black-gaze progenitors' melodic fourth LP, Infinite Granite. However, that striking musical pivot sounds like a subtle tweak compared to the batshit sound of Clarke's new side project Alto Arc, which he announced today (January 20th) alongside a staggeringly weird lead single called "Bordello.

In addition to Clarke, Alto Arc features co-vocalist Isamaya Ffrench — best known in the fashion world as a make-up artist and creative director whose resume includes stars like Madonna, Rihanna and Bjork — and co-producers Danny L Harle — an eclectic electronic musician who's collaborated with popstars like Carly Rae Jepsen and Charli XCX — and Trayer Tryon of the indie-pop group Hundred Waters. It's an odd bunch, and "Bordello" doesn't sound anything like any of the members' other projects. 

It's got Eastern-influenced croons and percussion, tons of jarring sound design, erratic digitized melodies and a vocal performance from Clarke that sounds like he's reciting one of Willem Dafoe's cursed monologues from The Lighthouse. The psychedelic video features Clarke strapped to a chair while a tarot card reader tells him his disturbing fate and a horde of ghoulish women terrorize him. It's fucking wild and you can take it all in above via YouTube. 

"Bordello" will appear on Alto Arc's self-titled debut EP, out February 11th via Sargent House.