Hear Deafheaven's Luscious New Song "In Blur" | Revolver

Hear Deafheaven's Luscious New Song "In Blur"

Blackgaze trailblazers keep things delicately beautiful on latest 'Infinite Granite' offering

Revolver has Deafheaven's melodic new album, Infinite Granite, available in vinyl at our store. Order yours now!

Later this month, blackgaze trailblazers Deafheaven will unveil their fourth, and wildly different, new album, Infinite Granite. As many fans were shocked to hear on the record's first two singles, "The Gnashing" and "Great Mass of Color," frontman George Clarke has traded nearly all of his signature shrieks for ethereal clean vocals, and the band's compositions have shifted from biting to beautiful.

"In Blur" is the band's latest and last preview of the full-length to come, and at this point, longtime fans are likely either in or they're out. It's another melty, aqueous shoegaze stunner that has all of the Deafheaven grandiosity but very little of Sunbather's scorching brutality.

It's a gorgeously well-done track that glides like an epic post-rock song, and it comes with a strange, psychedelic music video that conjures the unsettling nostalgia of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Watch and listen above via YouTube.

Infinite Granite is due August 20th via Sargent House, and you can order your vinyl copy here.