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Hear Death-Metal Trio Fetid's Barbaric New Album 'Steeping Corporeal Mess'

Pacific Northwest crew's putrid debut evokes Autopsy, Undergang, Incantation, more
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photograph by Crystal Seth

On June 7th, Pacific Northwest trio Fetid will drop their debut LP for 20 Buck SpinSteeping Corporeal Mess, but today (June 4th) Revolver is pleased to present the first listen to the entire record below. The new effort is the follow-up to the band's much loved demo, Sentient Pile of Amorphous Rot, which saw the light of day via Headsplit Records in 2017. 

Much like their associated projects, bands like Caustic Wound, Cerebral Rot, Hyperdontia and more, Fetid — drummer-vocalist Jullian Rhea, bassist Chelsea Loh and guitarist Clyle Lindstrom –  practice a particularly putrid style of death metal that recalls bands like Autopsy, Undergang, Incantation and Dead Congregation.

Steeping Corporeal Mess is a six-track monster that, despite the advanced song lengths, never truly goes "prog" or into the far reaches of space — Fetid just keep treating us to plenty of good old-fashioned blasts, guttural vocals and riffs, riffs and more riffs.    

"After a year and a half of waiting, we are finally able to unleash these recordings," says Rhea. "We are not only eager to share these sonic abominations, but also, to continue descending down this slowly submerging, sewage-ridden-leftovers of a path that once was, and deliver whatever delicious offals that may survive this wake of pungency to wherever the listeners may still exist."

Listen to Steeping Corporeal Mess below, and order your copy via 20 Buck Spin.

FETID Tour Dates:
7/04-05/2019 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY @ Stardust VII
7/06-07/2019 Reggies – Chicago, IL @ Metal Threat