Hear Deftones' Chino Moreno Croon on Vowws' Romantic New "Structure of Love II" | Revolver

Hear Deftones' Chino Moreno Croon on Vowws' Romantic New "Structure of Love II"

Singer teams with death-pop duo and Dia De Los Deftones fest alums for haunting track
a_vowws0099.jpg, Neil Huxley
Vowws, Press 2019
photograph by Neil Huxley

Los Angeles-based/Australian-bred death-pop duo Vowws already had the Chino Moreno seal of approval, having been invited by the Deftones singer himself to play his band's Dia De Los Deftones festival in November last year. Now the two forces have joined once more, this time on a hauntingly romantic new track titled "Structure of Love II," a re-imagined and built-from-scratch version of a song from the group effort Under the World

Don't call this a remix, though, as Vowws singer, keyboardist and programmer Rizz is no fans those pasted-together dance mixes, as she made clear to Billboard. "It just seems tired to me," she said. "Why would you take a perfectly good song and ruin it and put a doof-doof beat to it just so a bunch of clubgoers can dance to it? Dance to something else. Dance to fuckin' Diplo or something."

Co-produced and mixed by Renholdër (née Danny Lohner), who has worked with heavyweights like Nine Inch Nail and Marilyn Manson, the track was re-created by Vowws to better suit Moreno's expansive voice. His smooth, comforting delivery is punctuated by undulating electronic parts stacked in swirling, sometimes eerie, measure. The collaboration plays out in gorgeous fashion, highlighting the peak talents of each contributing partner, and makes for Voww's most full, compelling work yet. Hear the track above, and grab a digital copy for just $1 via the group's Bandcamp