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Hear DEVIL WEARS PRADA's anthemic new song "Reaching"

From the deluxe edition of 'Color Decay'

Revolver has teamed with Devil Wears Prada for an exclusive vinyl variant of Color Decay deluxe edition — limited to just 300 copies. Get yours from our shop! 

The Devil Wears Prada have just given fans a killer metalcore sing-along with "Reaching." The new single will be a part of the deluxe edition of TDWP's 2022 album, Color Decay, which features 10 additional tracks and will arrive May 5th.

Color Decay has been heralded as The Devil Wears Prada's finest work in years, receiving positive reviews from critics and fans alike. "Reaching" is yet another triumph from the long-serving metalcore group and is punctuated by an anthemic chorus and beefy lead riff. Check out the music video above via YouTube.

"'Reaching' is a song about unapologetic growth," says TDWP vocalist Mike Hranica. "I feel we often hear songs of resilience and strength that don't really cover the dirty, harder times. It takes struggle and failure to better oneself, and I think that's the soul of this tune."

The deluxe edition of Color Decay will arrive May 5th via Solid State Records, and Revolver has teamed with the band for a limited edition vinyl pressing. The exclusive vinyl comes in neon green (A/B side) and silver (C/D side) and is limited to just 300 copies, so order yours from the Revolver shop today!