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Hear Devil Wears Prada's Crushing New Song "Watchtower"

Ohio metalcore innovators keep things heavy on latest single

Last year, The Devil Wears Prada released one of the best albums of 2021, the high-octane sequel to their 2010 Zombie EPZII. The Ohio band fronted by Mike Hranica have been keeping metalcore fresh for nearly two decades now, and the full-length they're set to release later this summer is one of our most anticipated albums of 2022. Today (February 3rd), we're lucky to hear a new song from the band that will likely appear on their forthcoming eighth LP. Titled "Watchtower," the single sits squarely within the band's wheelhouse of rubbery verses, sing-along choruses and at least one face-mauling breakdown. 

The track comes paired with a music video that sees the band performing in an abandoned old building, each member stationed in various corridors and entryways while Hranica travels from room to room. It's got all the spooky atmosphere of classic TDWP and the glitchy effects of the band's current sonic iteraiton. Watch and listen above via YouTube. 

"The idea of this song is about a person being intentionally difficult even though happiness wants to find him/her," Hranica said of the song. "In handling my own mental health struggles, I've found that I oftentimes never choose contentment on a fundamental basis: almost like I've skipped step one. The narrator of 'Watchtower' is afraid to approach step one and instead flees to perceive his/her life as a sort of passive overlooker instead."