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Hear Devil Wears Prada's New Zombie Crusher "Nightfall"

Metalcore vets preview undead 'ZII' EP

Next week, metalcore stalwarts the Devil Wears Prada will awaken their new zombie-themed EP, ZII. The Ohio unit already shared the project's crushing, "Termination," single, and now they're unleashing another flesh-eating cut, called "Nightfall."

ZII is the long-awaited follow-up to TDWP's beloved 2010 EP, Zombie, which marked a heavier and more conceptual era of the band's catalog. As its namesake implies, "Nightfall" is the powerful opener of this new EP, and it immediately sets the moonlit mood with dark, mucky guitar tones and vocalist Mike Hranica's bellowing lows. Listen above via YouTube.

"Sonically, I think 'Nightfall' is a celebration of what the band did for a long while," Hranica said in a statement. "I remember that it's the first song I completed vocally and I know that it's straightforward — very much straightforward. Lyrically, an atmosphere is created concerning the attack rather than the anatomic details of the undead themselves. It's a thumper with no introduction to kick off the EP."

ZII is due out next Friday May 21st via Solid State Records. Pre-orders are available here.