Hear DEVIL WEARS PRADA's wildly catchy new song "Ignorance" | Revolver

Hear DEVIL WEARS PRADA's wildly catchy new song "Ignorance"

From their 'Color Decay' deluxe edition

Revolver has teamed with Devil Wears Prada for an exclusive vinyl variant of Color Decay deluxe edition — limited to just 300 copies. Get yours from our shop! 

Last month, the Devil Wears Prada announced a deluxe edition of their 2022 album, Color Decay, that features 10 additional tracks from the Ohio metalcore stalwarts. They teased the project with an anthemic new cut called "Reaching," and today (April 21st), they offered up another wildly catchy new track called "Ignorance." 

Guitarist Jeremy DePoyster takes over lead vocal duties for most of this one, which leans into the band's more melodic side without sacrificing any of their metallic power. It builds upon the glitchy, modern sound they've been playing with in recent years, and the hook is a guaranteed earworm. Listen above via YouTube. 

The deluxe edition of Color Decay will arrive May 5th via Solid State Records, and Revolver has teamed with the band for a limited edition vinyl pressing. The exclusive vinyl comes in neon green (A/B side) and silver (C/D side) and is limited to just 300 copies, so order yours from the Revolver shop today!