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Hear Disturbed Duet With Heart's Ann Wilson on New Song "Don't Tell Me"

First-ever guest feature in Disturbed's entire catalog

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Disturbed's new album, Divisive, is finally here. The heavy-metal institution's eighth LP is their first since 2018, and also the first in their entire discography to feature a guest vocalist. Amazingly, the band were able to collaborate with Ann Wilson of the hard-rock heroes, Heart, and her voice appears on the album track "Don't Tell Me" that's now available for everyone to hear.

While it's not the heaviest song on Divisive, it's also too hard-hitting to be a ballad, as David Draiman and Wilson's voices sound off atop gushes of hard-rock guitars and pounding drums. Listen above via YouTube.

"A few years back, [Heart singer] Ann Wilson tweeted about being inspired by Disturbed's 'The Sound of Silence,'" Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan told us in a track-by-track breakdown of Divisive. "I'm like, Oh my gosh, she knows who we are! David and Ann had spoken through social media… and he reached out. She responded that she would love to sing this duet.

"I remember sitting in the control room watching her and David work out the harmonies, like, 'Wow.' I felt like a little kid. It was such a cool moment to have a legend like her be part of this."

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