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Hear Disturbed's David Draiman Rage on Nita Strauss' New Song "Dead Inside"

Alice Cooper guitarist enlists nu-metal icon for her first solo song since 2018

When Nita Strauss isn't rocking on stage in Alice Cooper's live band, she's making music on her own time, and today (October 15th) she's released her first piece of solo material since her 2018 debut album, Controlled Chaos. The song's called "Dead Inside," and it's a positively explosive collaboration with Disturbed frontman David Draiman.

Whereas Controlled Chaos was a thunderous and virtuosic instrumental guitar album that blended elements of thrash, metalcore and prog, "Dead Inside" sounds like a cross between Disturbed's OG sound and heavy contemporary groove-metal.

The formidable axewoman offers a piercing lead lick, a flaming guitar solo and a devastating breakdown, but all of the technicality is in service to Draiman's soaring vocal performance in the moody vocals and the epic hook. Listen while you watch them rock out together in the video above via YouTube. 

"This is my first time releasing my own music with a vocalist, and I am so honored to take this step alongside a legend like David Draiman," Strauss enthused. "David's voice and powerful lyrics took this song to a level I could never have imagined! And we are so excited to unleash this song on the world."

"Serendipity can be really cool," Draiman adds. "We've been friends for years. Nita sent me the track...I didn't have time to work on it right away...then in literally a couple of days, while killing time in Santa Monica, the whole thing just came together. [I'm] Incredibly proud of how it turned out and honored to be a part of it."