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Hear Doom Act Future Usses' Crushing, Beautiful New Song "Heavenly Superperson"

L.A. band featuring Intronaut, Bereft members unveils new track from forthcoming LP 'The Existential Haunting'

Lest we forget, all of this — the bands, the records, all of it — is a waste of time because we all know that future is ruled by the Wyld Stallyns. And furthermore, we should also know that the Wyld Stallyns don't achieve legendary status for a while, and in the meantime they are definitely superseded by the Future Usses. But this version of the Future Usses doesn't contain Bill S. Preston, Esq. or Ted Theodore Logan, it's the new L.A. based band featuring members of Intronaut and Bereft. 

Future Usses is the latest vehicle for guitar whiz and entrepreneur Sacha Dunable, and their debut effort is The Existential Haunting. The latest single "Heavenly Superperson" mixes Jesu-style elongated melody with post-rock and metal elements, making for a beautiful and enlightening trip best appreciated by fans of This Will Destroy You, Mogwai, latter Mastodon and Envy. Stream the new track above for the first time courtesy of Pelagic Records. 

"This is one of my favorite tracks from the record," Dunable commented. "It was written around the layering of guitar parts using a looper, which makes it a challenge and super fun to play live. Enjoy."

Order yours via Pelagic in Europe and North America