Hear Doom-Death Upstarts Konvent's Crushing New Album 'Puritan Masochism' | Revolver

Hear Doom-Death Upstarts Konvent's Crushing New Album 'Puritan Masochism'

For fans of YOB, Winter, Skepticism
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Danish extreme-metal rising stars Konvent cite Candlemass, Cult of Luna and Nails among their primary inspirations, so it should come as no surprise that the band absolutely crushes. Led by guttural vocalist Rikke Emilie List, the quartet make a particularly dense, dark and monolithic brand of death-metal-inflected doom that evokes the likes of YOB at their most punishing. The band's debut album, Puritan Masochism, is due for release on January 24th via Napalm Records (it's available for pre-order now), but Konvent have teamed with Revolver today to give you the first listen. Stream it below.

"During the process of the songwriting, we were inspired musically by both death, black and doom metal, as we aimed to give this album a broader sound than our demo back in 2017," the band members said of Puritan Masochism in a joint statement. "The lyrics are inspired by the fight of regaining control when surrounded by chaos of different forms, which everyone may be affected by at some point in your life."