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Hear Doom Juggernauts Bellrope's Crushing New Album 'You Must Relax' in Full

German crew featuring former Black Shape of Nexus members merge atomic riffs, well-honed songwriting on new LP

There was a time in the not so distant past that Amenra was regarded as a band that crushed Europe, but only true heads had grasped onto in the U.S. A similar scenario befell the band known as Black Shape of Nexus — a European band that traveled in destructive doom riffs and psychedelia yet never came off as meandering or worse: boring. Bellrope is a German band that calls Mannheim their home, featuring members of BSoN and traveling in some of the same musical circles as their former namesake. Their Facebook description is apt: "Amp hauling. Amp abusing. Sounding like a M4 Sherman running over your precious records collection." (But only if your collection doesn't contain crucial entries by bands like Neurosis, Burning Witch, Grief and Axegrinder, of course.)

Bellrope's latest release is You Must Relax, an LP that, considering the content therein, must be noir humor. It seethes and smashes, takes you to the outer reaches and back, all while luring you in with atomic riffs and well-honed songwriting. It's nasty but well crafted, brutal and thoughtful, but best of all You Must Relax is one mean son of a bitch. Stream it in full below for the first time (the LP releases 2/22) and order yours via Exile on Mainstream, or if in the US, via Earsplit