Hear Doomsayers Khemmis' Scorching, Hypnotic New Song "Bloodletting" | Revolver

Hear Doomsayers Khemmis' Scorching, Hypnotic New Song "Bloodletting"

Denver band unveils new track from upcoming album 'Isolation' with heady visualizer

Denver doom-metal band Khemmis are gearing up to release their third album, Desolation, later this summer. After revealing its crushing first single "Isolation" in April, they've dropped "Bloodletting," a hypnotic, regal hard-rock stomper that kicks off the new full-length. Like the preceding ripper, it skews more melodic than the band's previous fare, stunning mostly through lilting, layered vocal harmonies; the track's second half, on the other hand, serves up death-metal red meat, At The Gates-style.

"Bloodletting' displays a number of new directions we take throughout this album," the band say of the track, describing it as follows: "A big, harmonized overture gives way to soaring vocals and classic metal grooves before dragging you into uncharted, crushing darkness." Sounds good to us!

Desolation hits shelves June 22nd via 20 Buck Spin (fun fact – it's the label's 100th release). It's the follow-up to 2016's Hunter. Scroll down to view Sam Turner's impressive artwork for the LP, as well as the track listing.

If you haven't already read our in-depth profile of Khemmis from late last year.


Khemmis - Desolation track listing:
01. "Bloodletting"
02. "Isolation"
03. "Flesh To Nothing"
04. "The Seer"
05. "Maw Of Time"
06. "From Ruin"